Thursday, August 16, 2007 "lay hoe maa?"

mmm ga oi lay la aum na aw?

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"Guest Entry with Aaron and Morghie!"

Welcome, few readers, to my blog of doom.
I have here sitting with me Aaron Colpitts and Morghan Flaterud.
Artists of a dangerous time, we three are glossy, beautiful, handsome, matte, picturesque people about to entertain you through our fingers.


Well, we're just sitting here chatting, and have thus deduced that our latest culinary breakthrough, bacon pie, would not be plausible... Do I need to write that on a blog? Perhaps not, but I have to go first, and thus have nothing else to tell you, except that I am sitting here with a sexy new haircut! It was disappointing on the one hand that I got one, but don't worry- it's still long enough for me to fulfill my life long dream of being a hippie (You know, except without the pot...). I even perfected my evil laugh! And my evil glare. Apperantly it hurts Morghie inside. Wait, what was I on about again? Oh, right, hippie.... Yeah, I'm done.


Yes Aaron.... Your evil glare hurts me inside. ;; It crushes my souull DX *sniffles*
And..and... We just got married too O_O I mean.. GOSH! :B lolz!!! Oh well... >.> I'm sure "Mr. Free Spirit" is just expressing himself u.u *patpat*
I'm not to sure what else to write. :P I like Pie, and Bacon.. And we were just discussing bacon pie. Haha!! It would be a total flop! It would be strange as well as a little gross, unhealthy and artery-coating. XD Aaron and Ash-Lee, and I are just sitting here, chilling ;P It's all good b^_^d
Hmm... What other news have I? Well, I'd like to take this time to congratulate Ash-Lee and Starla!!!!! ^^ They just got married as well! I'm sure they're very happy :D Also, We're listening to songs from Aladdin. I've MET him!! I so totally have! :D For a street rat, he sure is literate. I mean, his handwriting is very neat :) *has her book to prove it* Anyways, my mind is currently drawing a blank... So I'm going to wrap this up =) Later! ^^ Much love to you all 83

Ash-Lee Here! Just wrapping up with my pup on my lap <3
Good bye, sweet world. Until we meet again.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007 "these are a few of my favorite things [to do list]"

Coke -------------------- Clean

Work --------------------- Pack

Vinny's present ---------------------- Rip kevin's cd's ;D

Birthday party costume ----------------------- Plan Games

Party plans --------------------- Have Party

Food ----------------------- Draw Vinny's pichur

Work ---------------------- Draw Kaku

Sleep -------------------- Work

Grammas ---------------- Clean Some More.

Mail Letters -------------------- Sleep

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Friday, August 10, 2007 "Ickle Firsties!"

Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?

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Friday, August 03, 2007 "Conquest"

I bought a lap top!

It comes in on Tuesday hopefully.
Horay. I miss my money though... x_x

Smokey BBQ Spitz. It's a new flavour I'm trying out. It just tastes like sucking on BBQ chips, except they don't go soggy like chips would >_>

Billy Blanks, I want no one else to excersize me.

August 22nd! Birthday party! Yeah. Wind it up!

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Saturday, July 28, 2007 "bonfire's galore"

Kevin is watching Daft Punk tomorrow o:
Lucky duck.

I have SO much work to do on Vinny's present, and just personal art, and art for Matty and stuff. Woo! Luckily I only work downtown from now on, so I should have time.

By the way, when you go to a movie... PREVIEWS MUST NOT BE MISSED!
Even if it's a date. Seriously.

I am SO super proud of my favorite Tessa, Tessa!
She knows why n_-

Goodnight Karey! Goodnight, world.

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Monday, July 23, 2007 "Oh Kouta"

Thanks to Stephen, I watch Elfen Lied now! THANKS STEVE!

Anyways, looks like I've got my future mapped out for me.

I've never been anything but cute.

It is my destiny.

But if you look close... I have another calling!
But I'm only 2nd.
I'll have to keep working on it.

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Saturday, July 21, 2007 "Typos x_x"

There's a misspelled word in my last blog post... can you find it?

Tomorrow is my last day working at the highway Subway! i work 1-9 so come visit me and I'll give you sweet deals (if by sweet deals you mean charge you regular price.)


I have a love for nature that, unfortunately, not many people I know can relate to.

Today, as I walked home from work, none other than TWO BABY HAWKS greeted me and escorted me home by wing. I'm sure if they were older, they would have picked me up and flew me home.

I love aminals.

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